Szechuan Style

Also, famously known as Kung Pao Style. This style calls for a variety of ingredients

such as Szechuan peppers, red peppers, garlic, scallions, soy sauce, sugar and vinegar,

which produce a multiplicity of tastes.


Kan Shao Style

A typical Szechuan cooking method which means "dry cooked." Seasonings and ingredients are added

during stir-frying over high heat. The high heat of the wok sears the food and evaporates the liquids.

This extremely fast cooking leaves very little condensed gravy.


Yu Hsiang Style

An aromatic spicy Szechuan dish famous for its use of garlic and vinegar. This dish was originally

designed for fish. Yet the recipe serves the same purpose for other meats and vegetables.



Our stir-fry cooking uses low-cholesterol, 100% pure vegetable oil. You can even create

your own health-conscious dinner from the menu that can be prepared without oil.

(Any item marked with  MPj04331400000[1] in the menu)